5 Ways to Protect Your Home While Entertaining

Parties are great. They’re a chance for a group of people to relax, socialize, and just generally have a good time without having to worry about anything. Unless, of course, you’re the person who’s hosting the party. Then they’re expensive, dirty, stressful affairs that may or may not end with an insurance claim and/or a lawsuit. But despite the fact that you’re more likely to enjoy invasive surgery than a party held in your home, there are some ways to limit the stress that you’ll soon be feeling, and making sure that your house survives the revelry is one of them. Here are some things you can do to keep your property from getting destroyed while you’re entertaining guests.

1. Move the valuables/breakables

Preparing for a party is a lot like preparing for a toddler’s visit. The difference is that the average partygoer can reach a lot higher. So save yourself some grief and move any items that you don’t want touched or broken into a secure area. You might not think that anyone would want dump out your grandmother’s urn to see what’s inside, but people have been known to do some pretty idiotic things at parties.

2. Keep the food confined to one location

If you can, try to have the food kept in one easy-to-clean area of the house. If the weather permits it, consider having everyone eat outside. If you don’t think it will be possible to restrict the food to one spot, then you can also try to serve refreshments that are easy to clean up; avoid heavily dyed or overly crumbly foods. Also, consider having an alcohol free party, as sober guests are far less likely to damage or spill anything (and will have a safer time getting home, too).

3. Get your guests to clean up after themselves

There’s nothing wrong with expecting you guests to treat your home like a home. You can help them by placing many accessible garbage bins around the areas where guests will be congregating. Be sure to regularly check these bins to make sure that they’re not starting to overflow. You can also place small post-it reminders, along with disinfecting wipes, in your bathroom to encourage guests to wipe down the toilet seat or sink after use. Moreover, you could provide a marker so that guests can label which beverage cup is theirs (assuming you have disposable ones); this way fewer abandoned cups will be left sitting around for someone else to knock over.

4. Protect your carpet and furniture

Furniture covers and carpet runners can keep some of the more permanent fixtures of your home safe without negatively affecting the experience of your guests. Additionally, you can request that visitors remove their shoes when they enter. At the very least you should provide a mat for them to wipe their feet on. Placemats and coasters can also be used to protect delicate wood surfaces. If something is spilled, quickly dab it up with a clean cloth, but don’t worry about getting the stain completely taken care of. You can always work on it once everyone has left. If it’s really bad, you can contact a professional cleaning service. All Points Chem-Dry in Anaheim Hills will usually be able to offer next day service, and will provide you with a free cost estimate.

5. Seriously, have fun

This last point may not seem like a way to protect your home, but it is. If you’re really stressed-out around your guests, that mood is going to spread. And when the guests start getting nervous, that’s when bad things start happening. So relax and enjoy the company. After all, there has to be a reason you invited all these people into your home. Have fun with them! Your house will still be standing tomorrow, and you’ll be able to assess the damage then. At that point, if the house is completely trashed, then it’s okay to remember that you hate throwing parties. Especially if the stain on the carpet looks suspiciously like ash, and Grandma’s urn is lying empty only a few feet away. . .

About the Author: David Glenn is a freelance writer who specializes in inexpensive home improvement techniques. He specializes in carpet cleaning in Anaheim, CA..

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