5 Ways To Design A Home Suited for Special Occasions

Do you enjoy playing host or hostess? Excited to design your own home? Want to find ways to seamlessly entertain at home for all kinds of gatherings? If so, you are going to need the tools to design a home that will cater towards all kinds of special occasions. Included here are a few ways to make your home “party-ready.”

Create Space

One of the most crucial elements of having a home suited for entertaining, is to have plenty of space to accommodate guests. This means you will need to create large open spaces ideal for mingling, dancing or dinner parties. Take a cue from some wedding venues and integrate beautiful views, high ceilings and open floor plans. By utilizing high ceilings and open floor space you will create limitless possibilities for life to happen in your home.


Offer Seating

For some events, having a sit down area may not be necessary. But if you intend to host bridal and baby showers, or even birthdays for your grandfather, you are going to need some seating. Seamlessly integrating seating into the perimeter of your largest meeting room can be enough for most get togethers. However, if you choose to have these parties last longer or want to employ a casual atmosphere, breaking up the space with easily movable sectionals can be the best option.


Have Ample Food Storage and Supplies
If you intend to host a dinner party for executives, or even just an afternoon lunch with the church ladies, you are going to have to have plenty of food supplies. Be sure your kitchen is designed in a way that can accommodate people who drift in to talk while you prepare food. Also be aware of having large enough fridge and freezer space to have plenty of chilled beverages and food on hand for the party.


Include the Outdoors

Don’t become totally restricted to your interior for your entertaining space. Hosting barbeques and picnics outside can be a great way to entertain in the summer months. By installing a stone patio and decorating with twinkling lights, you can create a living space that is pleasant from the first beams of morning sun to the darkest hours of evening.

Be Classy

Overly committing yourself to a set theme can be beautiful originally, but increases the likelihood of boredom with your decor. Try to remember to keep your home’s decorations neutral and classic. Do not overdo a specific style or idea as it can be detrimental to the feel of certain events or parties in your home. By keeping your decor neutral you are free to decorate for a home wedding, men’s poker night or even children’s birthdays.

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