5 Luxe Home Looks for Less

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Want that luxurious, high-end home look without spending big bucks? By giving attention to certain areas of your home, you can add details that make each room look more expensive even if you have a modest budget. These five tips are sure to give you that luxe look you’re after without breaking the bank.

Add crown molding

Crown molding is an affordable investment, and you can even install it yourself with a little know-how. Choose wide crown molding where the wall meets the ceiling and tall base molding where the wall meets the floor. If you have existing molding, beef it up by adding a piece of trim below it, giving the illusion of pricey extended molding for a fraction of the cost. Be sure the new trim is painted the same color as the existing molding to unite the two.

Update the kitchen and bathroom faucets

If you splurge in only one area of your home, this is the place to do it. A fancy sink and faucet makes the whole room look richer.

Update the kitchen sink by installing a shiny new faucet with a high-arch spout and all your favorite features: touch activation, spray head, and a build-in soap dispenser. In the bathroom, opt for a contemporary look by choosing a vessel sink coupled with a modern faucet. Single-handle models are nearly always preferred for ease-of-use and aesthetics.

If you plan to complete the installation yourself for even more savings, first make sure the faucet you choose fits in the existing sink. This is not a concern if you replace the entire sink as well. As you install the new faucet, be sure to tighten the valve snugly so it doesn’t leak.

Overstuff pillows

The first trick to a more luxurious sofa is to find down-filled pillows 18 inches or larger. Anything smaller simply looks cheap. Then, squeeze the pillows into covers one size down. For example, overstuff 22-inch pillow covers with 24-inch down-filled pillow inserts. Shoot for at least four pillows per sofa. The result? A living room with a high-end look for around $100.

DIY modern art

Find a full-sized poster with some of your favorite modern art. Then, for a high-class finish without the high cost of professional framing, visit your local thrift store and find a frame that fits your poster. The final product looks particularly impressive if the frame has mat board around the edges.

Decorate with fresh flowers

There’s something about fresh-cut roses in your living room. They energize the room more than any other type of decoration, and they add a pleasant smell to your home as well. Place vases throughout your home and fill them with fresh flowers from your garden or local florist in the spring and summer. Choose a harvest bouquet for fall and a winter-themed arrangement when it gets cold. That way, you always have an inviting seasonal decoration for your guests to enjoy all year round.

These luxe home looks are just to get you started. There’s a whole range of ways to make your home look more expensive without paying an arm and a leg.

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