5 Design Hacks for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms in Sydney are an inevitable fact for those living in small-sized apartments. However, this can also be a blessing in that you will have a smaller bathroom area to clean. Also, if you decide to renovate or decorate this space, it will cost you much less than if you had a big bathroom.

Do you have a small bathroom? You can make the most of it using these simple and inexpensive design hacks.

Use a Shower Curtain

Another trick is to replace the shower glass door with a shower curtain. A curtain, which moves back and forth saves more space than a glass door that moves inwards and outwards. Aside from saving space, a shower curtain can be custom-made to give the illusion of a larger space.

Lights and Mirrors

Lighting fixtures and mirrors are the two most common items in bathroom renovation packages, and for good reasons. Firstly, mirrors accentuate the depth, width, and length of small-sized spaces. Secondly, mirrors are essential in distributing light; hence, causing a room to appear brighter and livelier. Alternatively, you can add the amount of lighting to your bathroom in the following ways:

· Using clear shower screens in small bathrooms Sydney to give an impression of extra space and lighting

· Utilize natural light- avoid using dark blinds on the bathroom windows.

· Consider a skylight- a skylight is a perfect solution for individuals, whose bathrooms are oriented away from sunlight.

Install a Corner Sink

If you have a teeny tiny bathroom, one alternative you will want to consider is a pedestal sink. Ideally, this is a free-standing sink that is not mounted on any vanity. Advisably, you should ask the bathroom renovation specialists to install the pedestal sink at the corner of the room to save on space.

Mounting the towel bar on a door

If you are restricted by your bathroom space, you can mount the towel bar on the shower door. Although you will still need to keep the bulk of your towels in the nearest storage unit, having one towel nearby is very crucial.

Invest in Mobile and Multifunctional Furniture

Just because you have a limited footprint does not mean that you have to compromise on design. For instance, you should opt for freestanding furniture such as storage cabinets. Opting for self-supporting storage units gives you the opportunity to adjust your scheme whenever you want. You can also take the freestanding items with you when you relocate.


Regardless of how compact your bathroom is, you can still transform it into a spa-like haven using a few tricks. These include incorporating a corner sink, allowing natural lighting, mounting the towel bar on the shower door and choosing freestanding furniture.

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