4 Steps to Create Your Summer Kitchen

The summer season is just around the corner and although we don’t want to jinx the warmer weather, we all can’t help but get geared-up for some sunshine! After all that spring cleaning and clearing the house for the new year, we sometimes find that a couple of rooms in the house could really do with some sprucing up. What better time to do this than just before the summer time? The days are not only longer, but hopefully a little warmer than winter so paint will dry and you’ll have plenty of time to get things finished off. The kitchen could be one of these key rooms as it gets a lot of love throughout the year and is an essential, functional part of the family home. Before you start inviting over the whole clan for a mouth-watering barbecue, here are some steps that you can take to kick-start your kitchen for summer fun!

  1. Brighter Colours

Nothing says summer like bright, beautiful colours. Nature is booming and to add continuity and harmony through your home, your rooms should reflect this. Kitchens look great in light colours like yellow, lime greens and even feature walls with bold oranges and reds. Stick to juicy colours that will give that awakening pop and choose tiles in complementary patterns and shades. Don’t forget to keep continuity with any coloured accessories and appliances.

  1. Country Cabinets

For a sure-fire facelift switch worn and dated cabinets for some clean, homely features. Summer is about being easy-going, friendly and fun so don’t go for cold edges and modern materials but stick to more traditional yet unfussy designs. You’ll find a fantastic range from online suppliers like Better Kitchens or you can even update cabinets yourself with new paint, handles and fittings.

  1. Cuter Trimmings

Add some cute features to your kitchen with quirky spoon holders, tea bag trays and towel pegs. These little trimmings will brighten up the mood in your kitchen every time you use them or guests encounter them. You can also customise your kitchen and add personal touches with charming chalk noticeboards for shopping lists and positive affirmations for the family.

  1. Call Upon Nature

A favourite summer addition that is welcome in any home is a few carefully-placed, beautifully bold sunflowers. Add a couple to the kitchen table or countertop with a slim, upcycled vase. Bring nature indoors by whipping up some delicious and nutritious summer smoothies or green juices. Always feature a fresh fruit bowl that you can pick bananas, strawberries or super-food wheatgrass to blend up and inject some colour and healthy living into your home.

Creating a summer kitchen really is that simple and with these few steps you’ll be sure to embrace the sweltering season with a home to be proud of. 

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