3 Ways to Maximise Space in a Small Apartment

Moving into a small space is a popular choice, and sometimes the only option for young professionals and couples living in bustling city centres. But it doesn’t have to be a cluttered, claustrophobic nightmare even if your daily commutes are. You can still make your little space a small haven with a few simple tips and tricks. Here are three ways to make those couple of square feet go that extra mile.

  1. Say Yes to Multipurpose Items, Always.

If a table is only good as a table then it’s no good for you, so it might be time to say good bye to things outside the list of bare necessities and welcome in more items that save space and hassle instead. Storage ottomans are perfect for perching, storage and provide a place for napping babies. Folding chairs and tables can free-up space and keeping heavier pieces on rolling casters can make them easy to shift around when you need to rearrange the place. Always consider if you can double-up items before you buy them, especially when it comes to seating and surfaces.

  1. Do You Need Doors?

Let’s face it; we don’t really need doors, indoors. Okay, maybe for those all-important private purposes and for more draughty houses, but if you have a small apartment then open plan is the way to go. If it’s a studio flat then your kitchen and living room are likely to share the same space, but if you really must have separate areas then opt for sliding pocket doors from a trusted company like Barrier Components. This way you can separate sections when you need to but no space or light it reduced when you open up areas. Another handy tip is to use curtains to cover closets and cupboards as they soften the space while keeping clutter hidden and storage practical.

  1. Optical Illusions Are Your Friends

Our eyes are funny things and there are all kinds of ways that we can trick our brain to feel differently about a space through the way it looks. To create the illusion of more space in your apartment stick to lighter colours that light can bounce off. Pick up see-through furnishings like glass tables or clear shower curtains that don’t seem to cause obstructions. Another good tip is to maximise mirrored surfaces by hanging mirrors and selecting shiny ornaments as these will also reflect light while multiplying the image of space around you.

You don’t have to feel cramped in your new place, no matter how small it is, and don’t be afraid to invite more than two people around either! They’ll love to see your apartment and with these neat tricks, you’ll be sure to impress. 

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