3 Ways To Declutter and Organize Your Bedroom

A bedroom should be a respite from our crazy, hectic lives. You want to feel rested and at ease when you are in your bedroom. It should be your sanctuary; a place where you go to retreat from your hectic life and replenish to face another day. If your bedroom is cluttered and disorganized, it can have the opposite effect. Clutter can cause stress and undermine your ability to relax. You need to make your bedroom a safe-haven from stress.

Here are 3 ways to declutter and organize your bedroom so you can get the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Under-bed Storage
There is a better use for all of that space under your bed than dust-bunnies and lost articles of clothing. By purchasing an under-bed storage system, you can take advantage of that space and remove a large amount of clutter in the process. It’s a great place to store sheets and blankets or even seasonal clothing. A bed-skirt can help hide less fashionable storage devices and there are many do-it-yourself options like simply adding castors to containers.

A Storage Bench
A bench at the end of a bed is both stylish and functional. It’s a great place to get dressed, put on shoes, and store those winter sweaters or blankets and sheets. A bench can add a lot of character to a bedroom and also provide much-needed storage space. You can either blend it with the other furniture in the room or make a statement with a contrasting piece. Either way, a storage bench is a great solution for decluttering and keeping items close at hand.

Filing Cabinets
If you have a desk in your bedroom or you ever do paperwork or bills there, you might have a lot of paperwork and clutter lying around. Desk drawers help, but a filing cabinet or storage system that tucks under a desk or out of the way can be a welcome addition to any bedroom office. It will help you keep your bills and important papers easily accessible and neatly organized. And it will go a long way towards removing unnecessary clutter from the room.

You may be fighting a losing battle with organization and clutter in other parts of your home, but make sure you take back your bedroom by applying these simple and effective organizational tips. You will be thankful you did. People need their rest in order to face their busy and stressful daily lives.

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