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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Gardening | 0 comments

Why you should shift to a green lifestyle

Why you should shift to a green lifestyle

There are many people around the world who are committing increasingly to a green lifestyle. This means, that as far as possible, they would reuse things and only take help of recycled products. The recycling process is made up of three stages. The first stage is collecting and sorting things that have potential of being recycled. After sorting, they are ready for manufacturing which is the second stage. Here they are processed into reusable products. Then comes selling of these recycled products. This cycle repeats thereafter. In order to keeps this cycle going; people who have committed to a green lifestyle come into the picture. Why should you adapt to a green lifestyle? Let’s have a look on why recycling is so important.


Recycling has bountiful of benefits. The benefits are not limited to environmental benefits only. Many people might be under the impression that it takes lot of time, effort and money to do so, but that’s hardly the case ever. Here are some great reasons that will motivate you to switch to recycling products:


Best Friends with Environment

So the first and foremost reason is to help the environment and do your bit. So by recycling things which are produced from nature, you can contribute your share of effort in saving the nature. Let’s take a simple example. Paper is made out of trees. So by cutting down paper usage worldwide, everyone can contribute in saving the trees.


Save up on Energy

Recycled products use less energy when it’s processed. For example it would take lot less energy to recycle plastic bottles than to create new ones in a manufacturing unit. The energy that requires from transporting raw materials from the source is also saved up. Other than that, some eco-friendly products also help you save electricity by a large margin, hence, helping you save some bucks too. It’s a win-win situation. Another way to go green would be to conserve the amount of water you use by installing a flow meter that will measure the amount of water moving through your irrigation system.


Helps reduce global warming and reduce pollution

When we save energy during production and process of raw materials, we automatically contribute less in the ever increasing pollution of the world. Greenhouse gas emissions from factories will lower down to a very low number if everyone puts an effort in recycling products. Recycling non-biodegradable waste, instead of burning it up, is another way to contribute in reducing air pollution. When greenhouse gases and pollution are controlled, the ozone layer will not deplete further.


Reduction of waste products in landfills

Landfills are composed of non-biodegradable waste. This usually requires a long time to decompose. By recycling, we can control the waste materials that are placed into landfills, which helps in making the most out of these materials. Failing to do this, increasing amount of garbage will go to landfills till it’s all filled up. Then where will all this garbage be placed? Many companies take care of reducing the problem of over-filling landfills with options like ink cartridges.


Save Money

When you cut down the need of buying new products, you save new expenditure that occurs every month. Moreover, if you indeed find a passion in recycling materials and creating innovative and useful things, many organisations will be willing to buy it. Or you can sell it yourself online. If you head out to buy products that are made from recycled materials, then you save money yet again since these products are less expensive because of the low investment involved behind production of these products.


In order to save the ozone layer from depleting at an unimaginably high speed, it is imperative for each individual to switch to a green lifestyle. These were some of the benefits of a green lifestyle. Switch today and inspire others as well, for a safer, healthier and greener planet.


Author bio:


Miranda R is a consultant for She also co-founded a company which goes around the world to promote greener lifestyle by analysing regional problems and presenting custom made solutions. She has also been the speaker at many international conferences promoting environmental friendly ideas.

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