Understanding the Impact of Scent on Our Mood

Most of us will have used candles or diffusers in our homes for various purposes, ranging from creating a romantic atmosphere for a meal with our other half, to introducing a pleasant scent in the bathroom, to simply making our living areas appear more stylish thanks to the clever physical placement of such items.

What we don’t always appreciate, however, is the impact that the scents we introduce in our home can have on our mood and our daily activities and goals. But precisely which scents have the potential to improve our mood and which have the ability to bring out other characteristics in us? Can scents really help us to reach our full potential? Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Winter Scents to Lift the Soul

Chamomile has long been known for possessing uplifting and soothing qualities capable of making us feel comforted. The winter scent of pine can have a similar effect, bringing a feeling of comfort and warmth to our lives. As winter continues to make its presence known despite February marching on, our homes can still be transformed into an oasis of winter calm by bringing pine scents indoors. With this time of year always intent on testing our spirits because of the gloomy weather and the general lack of sunlight, the subtle introduction of a new scent can boost levels of happiness far faster and more easily than you might think.

Generosity of Spirit

Boosting happiness is one thing, but one of the more surprising impacts that scents can have is boosting our levels of generosity from a financial perspective. Research has found that you can nudge those around you into a more giving mood simply by using a citrus scent. Citrus, or clean-smelling scents, were found in a study to make individuals almost doubly as generous as those in an unscented environment.

The applications of this are varied but even big brands are taking them seriously. For instance, 888poker advises bearing the strategy in mind when playing games of home poker. Whilst there is no empirical evidence to show precisely how the introduction of a citrus scent might affect your friends’ poker strategy, the chances are that if you’re down on your luck and need to buy back into a game or fancy suggesting that the stakes should be upped, others are more likely to be in agreement with you if you’re playing them with a citrus scent. So, it always pays to keep that lemon handy!

Boost Efficiency

Scents can also help you to become more efficient in terms of achieving your goals and focusing your mind.

One of the primary ways scents can do this is by helping you to relax when you need to. For encouraging that much-needed down time, lavender is the scent to opt for in your home. Real lavender, rather than lavender essence, will not only look attractive in your home if left in big bunches, but will also use its naturally calming properties to encourage a restful mind and a calm outlook on life.

Once well rested, it’s far easier to become more efficient at what we want to achieve in our everyday lives, cutting out the noise around us to focus in on what it is we want to achieve and how we want to go about it.

There’s little doubt that scent has far more potential to impact upon our feelings and our abilities than it first seems. So, next time you introduce a new scent into your home, make sure you’ve thoroughly thought through the impacts you’re wanting to achieve beforehand.

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