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Types of Sliding Doors You Can Install in Your Residential and commercial Premises

Types of Sliding Doors You Can Install in Your Residential and commercial Premises

Automatic sliding doors are widely used today in variety of building types including, residential buildings, retail environments, offices and transit centers. They are preferred because of their durability, compactness and power saving features. In addition, these doors can be enhanced with lots of safety and security options including emergency egress, burglary prevention and fireproofing features.

Automatic sliding doors open in a horizontal manner by sliding along a track on roller wheels in either direction. This article looks at the types of sliding doors that you match with your window installation in Hamilton for exquisite residential or commercial premises.

Pocket Doors

These types of sliding doors are used in places where a hinged door cannot be installed due to inadequate space. They come with a pocket or compartment that is installed in the adjacent walls. When the door opens, it slides along an overhead or floor roller track and disappears into the compartment. Pocket doors are usually installed in closets, utility rooms, offices, bathrooms and in other areas where inadequate space may inhibit the normal operation of traditional doors. These sliding doors are also available in single and double door versions.

Arcadia Doors

Arcadia doors are rectangular-shaped glass sliding doors that are mounted on rollers which lie parallel to a fixed glass panel. When fully open, arcadia doors align with the adjacent glass panel and when closed, they slide back into place. They are popularly used as barriers between the exterior and the interior of a home leading to patios or backyard areas.

Bypass Doors

If you want automatic sliding doors for your pantries or closets, bypass sliding doors are an excellent choice. When open, they slide behind and past one another and when closed, they block the opening or entrance by standing adjacent to one another. They are usually fitted into roller tracks both at the bottom and the top of the doorframe.

Louvered Doors

These are also called shuttered doors and you can use them in your pantries, utility rooms and closets. They have the appearance of real shutters and consist of double doors that open by sliding inward from a central position. Though they may be made from different materials, but the best louvered sliding doors are of hardwood construction which is premium grade and looks really good with any finishing.

As optional features, you can have these doors customized according to your preferences. For instance, they can be made with arch tops, minimum air flow, different rail sizes, or even specific wood species.

Shoji Screens

Shoji screen doors are a variation of sliding doors that are made of translucent paper and wood. In the Japanese culture, these doors have been used for centuries as openings onto backyards and garden areas. In the recent past, they have been widely adopted by commercial and residential building contractors. Irrespective of whether you require an eye-catching center piece, a single unit, or subtle privacy, shoji screens will deliver.

As technology advances and tastes and preferences change, other sophisticated types of sliding doors are likely to emerge.

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