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Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in Home interiors | 0 comments

Top 10 Tips for a Spacious Bathroom

Top 10 Tips for a Spacious Bathroom

Space is something we all long for, whatever room we’re looking to decorate. Unfortunately, it can be hard to come by when you have a plethora of beautiful items, cabinets and furnishings to display.

Therefore, it’s essential to try and make the most of the space you can get from the room you’re looking to work on. We’ll take a look at what bathrooms have to offer and where exactly you can put your DIY expertise to good use to free up some highly sought-after space.

  1. Space Above the Door

There’s a secret method of storage that many people are completely oblivious to when putting up shelves, mainly because they’re so excited by the prospect of utilising all that wall space for their bath products.

Of course, it’s highly dependent on your doorway but one of the most effective storage methods is just above the entrance. Not only is it away from clear view, contributing to the rooms larger feel, it’s also in an incredibly efficient place for all kinds of things, including towels and other accessories.

  1. Brighter Lighting

There are a number of ways you can achieve brighter lighting in your bathroom, whether it’s through natural light or artificial lighting. Both have their props and cons but share one particular pro which is a useful contribution to the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Lighting is an essential tool that’s worth using if you want a bathroom that looks and feels larger. Accompanied by light reflecting tiles, dark areas will vanish and you’ll be left with a lighter, brighter bathroom space that feels more spacious.

  1. Have the Bathroom Door Swing Outwards

It’s a small addition to your spacious bathroom plan but one that could prove to be a real winner. Bathroom doors that swing into the room itself can make the room feel less spacious and crammed, although it’s important that if you do switch the doors path that it doesn’t interfere with a narrow hallway. You could even have a door that slides to get rid of the swinging motion entirely.

  1. Go for Lighter Wood Cabinetry

The shade of wood is important if you are going to fill the bathroom with cabinetry and open storage. Having a sink that rests on a lighter wooden cabinet can substitute for a darker, tiled surface.

This is of course only if you are adamant about using wood for your interior design plan, whilst any other material you go for should also be as light as possible to keep the room feeling spacious.

  1. Cabinetry with Open Storage

This is a really helpful way of keeping towels and toiletries without needing a separate storage unit, which will ultimately cause more space problems for your bathroom.

Open storage is also becoming popular in the design industry, so you’re likely to have all kinds of options available to you on the market. Just remember that having too many items can disrupt the efficiency of open storage, so try and reduce the number of toiletries you have to avoid potential cluttering.

  1. Vertical Space a Priority

There’s so much you can do with vertical space to improve the spaciousness of your bathroom. From throwing a few shelves higher up to hold toiletries to installing a large mirror that offers light reflection and spacious characteristics, having vertical space is a significant advantage.

Rather than clog the walls up with shelves however, try and leave one side of the room light and open whilst another should host at least one mirror depending on the space available.

  1. Larger Floor Tiles

If you’re a fan of tiles then don’t panic as there are plenty of ways you can keep that spacious feeling with tiling. Simply look to have larger tiles that are less fussy than usual.

They should also offer continuity with the rest of the rooms’ style and colour and not break up the floor so much. Small floor tiles bring little in the way of interior design and are capable of nullifying the spacious aspects of your bathroom.

  1. Make the Most of the Ceiling

We all know that a darker, lower ceiling will make any room feel smaller, so the obvious way to go is to paint the ceiling light or white.

However, there are plenty of alternative methods that can contribute to a wonderfully executed interior design plan, such as having a sky-painted ceiling that makes you feel like you’re beneath the clouds.

If you do have a low ceiling, just go with the rest of your bathroom interior design plan and match the colours to create a more spacious atmosphere.

  1. Glass Shower Enclosure

If you’re still using a shower curtain instead of a glass enclosure then you’re missing a trick. Glass shower or bath enclosures are great if you don’t want to separate up the bathroom with a shower curtain.

Glass enclosures offer frosted areas for the addition of privacy and ultimately act as a much more effective divider when it comes to maintaining bathroom space.

  1. Natural Light from Above

If you’re in a bathroom that doesn’t give you a window option and you’re tired of feeling enclosed all the time, you could see if there’s any potential for a window on the ceiling.

Ceiling windows are great if you need a bit of skylight to compliment your bathroom and act as an effective substitute for wall-based windows.

Carrie Markers enjoys amateur interior design and regularly has an interior project on the go. As projects progress she also writes about her experiences for Christopher James Bathrooms.

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