Tips in Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Most kids prefer to sleep in their parent’s bedroom where they feel safe and comfortable. However, when they reach a certain age, parents should also encourage them to move to their own room and sleep in their own bed. This may be a dilemma for most parents but is very necessary to teach the kids to become independent at such a young age.

The best way to encourage the kids to sleep in their own bedroom is to arrange and decorate the kid’s bedroom according to their likings. So here, we will share with you some tips on how to decorate your child’s bedroom to encourage them to move and sleep on their own.

Choose a cute bed frame

One of the things that will surely get their attention is a cute bed frame. It will definitely make them want to sleep on that bed. For young boys, you could choose from different robot designs, cars, superheroes or sports superstars. For girls, there are wide selection of cute designs like Barbie, princesses, cartoon characters and others. You should also pick their favourite colour so they like it even more.

Choose wallpaper that they like

Another factor to look at is the wallpaper. Choosing wallpaper according to their likings will be helpful in getting them comfortable in their room. It is best to include them in the decision-making. Boys prefer cartoons or animations, or if they love sports then they will probably be posting a lot of their favourite athletes. For girls, they will probably love it to be pink and pretty or with a theme of a princess. Ask them and let them choose. They will definitely feel excited.

Place a lamp shade beside their table

You should explain to them that there is nothing to fear about sleeping alone – ghosts are not true, there is no boogeyman, and there are no zombies to get them in their sleep. But to make them feel more comfortable, you can place a light in their side table that you keep on while they are trying to sleep.

Arrange a small play area with their toys

Lastly, you can somewhat bribe them by arranging a nice play area with their favourite toys. They can play before bed time but of course, you should set a curfew.

Getting children’s room design ideas from new houses

Thinking of perfect design for your kid’s room is tough especially if you spend most of your time working. Getting room ideas from new houses can help you since they have the trendiest design, thanks for the help of their Interior Designer. By doing this, you can not just get a fresh ideas from these new homes, but you can also get a good price on house and land packages in Perth, WA in case you decided to purchase a new home in the future.

Moving the kids to sleep in their own bed may be difficult for both parents and children. At first, kids may strongly dislike the idea and may cry a lot, pleading that you allow them to sleep in your room one more time. As parents, you may feel soft-hearted with them but then the best thing to do is to stick with your rules that they should start sleeping in their own bed. You should explain to them that they are big boy or girl now so they should be brave enough to sleep on their own. Decorating their room, the way they like it is one good way to encourage them.

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