The 7 Most Common Problems With Your Furnace

Having trouble with your furnace? Winter furnace problems are no laughing matter. Your furnace isn’t producing heat while the temperature in your home plummets. When is it time to call in emergency furnace repair services? Stop for a minute and see if you can diagnose the problem yourself. Some small issues might be things you can fix yourself, others might require a professional. These are the 7 most common problems with furnaces.

1. The filter is dirty and clogged: Before you call up furnace repair services, check the filter. One of the most common furnace problems is that your filter is dirty, clogged, and needs to be replaced, something you can usually do on your own. Clogged filters cut off the airflow to your furnace, increase the wear and tear, and make it less efficient. Don’t wait for your filter to become a problem; change it regularly.

2. The blower won’t stop running: When your furnace blower runs continuously, it’s a sign that the blower has worn out. If you reach down to your vents and you can only feel a continuous stream of cold air blowing through your home, you need professional furnace repair services to get the hot air blowing again. Blowers wear out over time, caused by everything from pure old age to failed bearings, dirt accumulation, electrical failure, and more.

3. The furnace doesn’t produce enough heat: If you’re consistently cold in your home, there’s a good chance that your furnace isn’t big enough for the space. Say goodbye to freezing winter nights and upgrade to an energy efficient furnace that’s made for your home.

4. Loose wiring in the thermostat: When wiring in the thermostat comes loose, it causes an electrical short that will damage the thermostat’s sensors or even the electronics in the furnace itself. A faulty thermostat means faulty temperature readings, which can make the furnace turn and off erratically.

5. The heat exchanger is broken: Another common furnace problem is a broken heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a thin piece of metal that transfers heat from one medium to another, i.e., transferring the heat from one fluid (liquid or gas, such as hot water) to another fluid (such as the air in your home) without the two mixing. A crack can prevent it from doing its work.

6. The furnace makes too much noise: If your furnace has you up at night with all the noise, it may be a sign of mechanical issues such as a clogged burner or a reduction in airflow.

7. The pilot light has blown out: All it takes is a draft through the furnace room. If the pilot light on your furnace blows out, the furnace isn’t igniting. Ignition can also become tricky if the igniter is old and rusty. These are easily replaced, but don’t forget to block the source of the draft.

These are 7 of the most common problems you can have with your furnace. If you feel out of your depths handling any of them, furnace repair services can handle them all for you.

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