Summer Projects for Your Garden

As the warmer months begin to appear, our gardens return to focus. And, after a few seasons of cold and wet weather, they are likely to be in a little disarray, perhaps overgrown or even damaged. If they aren’t adequately maintained during winter you’ll be unable to enjoy them immediately and, instead, you’ll have to spend time to repair and tidy them – time that could be spent relaxing. This means pulling up weeds, clearing leaves, refreshing paint, and dusting off tools before you can put your feet up.


This year, instead of rushing the upkeep so as to get the sun loungers out, it might be worth considering your future summers and the value of your home. The reward of using reliable sunshine and downtime to undertake a larger project for your garden might just surprise you. To elaborate, and to give you some neat ideas, here’s a list of great summer projects for your garden.



Growing Patch


The recent period of home isolation has taught us that our diets and cooking skills should be treated with great consideration. Without access to supermarkets or our regular ingredients, our kitchens can become quickly sparse. Growing your own food, even a small amount, can help keep your cupboards full and your mind engaged with new recipes.


Dedicating soil for growing is best done at a slow pace. It is important to properly de-weed the ground and to ensure the soil is suitable for growing. Be sure to understand the amount of shade each patch gets too, as this may affect how well your crops grow.


As cooking becomes more celebrated with TV specials and new bestselling cookbooks, having a home that is designed to support enthusiasts is incredibly appealing.


A New Room


Making the most out of your garden for only a few months of the year can feel problematic. If you have the space, it can seem disappointing to not utilise it all year-round. This is why more people are clearing the grass and building annexes, log cabins, and outdoor studios.


Adding another room, one separate from your home to your property is not only great for its value, but also for your potential income. More people are building garden spaces that allow for Airbnb services or turning old sheds into offices.


Even if you’re hoping to use the space for your own relaxation, you’ll be able to enjoy a dedicated film-screening room or yoga studio all year round, making use of your garden even during the winter – just make sure to insulate it!


Encourage Hobbies


If you want to cook more than grow, why not build a pizza oven? Or even a food smoker? If you’re a ceramicist, having a dedicated outdoor space for a kiln, one with tools and proper decking can be invaluable. Some hobbies don’t need a dedicated room but instead the right tools and machines. Often these are large and require specific installation.


If you’re serious about pursuing a hobby, or potentially turning it into a business, be sure to consider if your garden space can accommodate the gear to support your pursuit.

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