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Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in Home exterior | 0 comments

Spring Cleaning – Make Your Home Shine in Time

Spring Cleaning – Make Your Home Shine in Time

Not everyone keeps their homes spotless and free of clutter; however, even those that do will be surprised at what you can recycle and clear out of your garage, loft, shed etc…

Will You Ever Use it? Really…


Removing clutter that you don’t need is the biggest and most important part of a proper spring-clean. Not only are you playing an eco-friendly role in recycling, but creating clutter-free space in your home is extremely satisfying. In fact, a big clear out that generates lots of free space can inspire a total overhaul and some serious decorating. If you have a clear out every spring, you’ll also ensure cleaning throughout the rest of the year is made that much easier.

Spring Cleaning Helpers


Spring-cleaning isn’t exactly a fun exercise, but with a little help from family or friends, the whole ordeal can be made bearable – although some find cleaning therapeutic, the majority probably don’t… like me. Even if you can only nab a few willing helpers, crank up some music and the workload and time will shrink considerably.



Before you start the process of throwing junk away, create areas for different types of rubbish. As you may know, when you hire a skip you can get away with just piling everything in together and they’ll sort the recycling out at the other end. However, when you visit your local tip or recycling centre you’ll have to adhere to their designated bins. Save time and hassle and separate all your recyclables, such as woods, metals and general waste.

Spring-cleaning also involves those chores you put to the back of your mind when the colder seasons settle in. Well, now is the time to just get on with the inevitable and head outside and get stuck into BBQ grills, de-weed any patios, wipe any mould from windows. As long as you are well equipped with the correct cleaning products and tools, the job should be easy.

Get the Professional for Big Jobs


Of course, if you are lazy like me or the job is far too daunting or you are disabled or elderly, there are many companies that’ll gladly take that mop and bucket from you. Whether you require help in domestic clearance or you need a bigger commercial solution, companies like Clearabee will swiftly and professionally take care of your rubbish and recycling. You’ll be able to get a rough price from providing them with how much rubbish you have, plus it will be disposed of in the most eco-friendly way. Why not check out the Clearabee Blog as well for some great Spring Cleaning advice.

Shrug off the winter blues and open all your windows this spring. Let the fresh air in and let all of your junk and rubbish out.  

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