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Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in TIps | 0 comments

Solving the Three Most Common Problems for Your Flotation Devices

Solving the Three Most Common Problems for Your Flotation Devices

Flotation devices are an essential part of any comfortable day spent in, or on, the water. These devices can be the difference between a day of carefree floating, or a day of frustration and discomfort. Here is some advice from The Foam Factory to be sure your flotation devices will be there if and when you need them.

One common problem you can have is the filler of your flotation device becoming worn and losing its fluffy luxury. This can occur after lots of use or after leaving the item outside for too long. Just as your outdoor furniture cushions can become less comfortable and dull when left in the sun, your flotation devices can become less effective and comfortable as well.

Another common problem is not having enough of the filler to keep you afloat. This problem, as well as the problem of your filler wearing out can be solved with the use of outdoor foam, which is meant for wet conditions and can add a bit of comfort and more buoyancy to your devices.

The final problem with flotation devices is getting them back in the car after a day of fun without ruining the interior of your car. Dry fast foam can remedy this problem, as it is meant for just such occasions, and dries quickly for easy transportation and clean up.

While these problems can be exceptionally frustrating, especially in the warm summer months when all you want is to be outside and in the water, these foams can make you more comfortable whether you’re floating down the river or relaxing on the shore.

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