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Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Bedroom | 0 comments

Revive Your Bedroom with These 4 Styling Tips

Revive Your Bedroom with These 4 Styling Tips

If your bedroom is looking and feeling more tired than you are, it’s time for a makeover. Here are four styling tips that will help revive your bedroom and transform it into an enticing oasis of calm.

1. It’s all about the bed

Clearly, the centre-piece of any bedroom is the bed. The size of your room will dictate how big you can go in terms of the actual bed as well as the head and foot-boards. When it comes to selecting a bed, never sacrifice comfort for looks. That’s not to say that you can’t have both, just make sure your bed gives you the right comfort and support. If it isn’t, perhaps you need to have a chat with a mattress specialist (such as Sleepy’s). It might be time you invested in a new mattress – one that simply begs you to lie down on it whenever you walk into your room.

2. Create some zen

Your bedroom should be a calming space that you find relaxing to be in. If it isn’t, there could be a number of reasons for this. Here’s a quick design checklist that will help get you on track:
Do you have too much furniture or large pieces that dominate and make your bedroom feel small and pokey? Also, what colour is your furniture? Dark pieces can have a similar effect as large items of furniture.
What is the overall colour scheme of your room? How do you feel when you walk into your room? Maybe you don’t have a scheme, but a mish-mash of colours? The easiest way to go with colour is to keep it light and airy. Intensely bright colours are too stimulating and dark colours can feel oppressive. Get yourself along to the hardware store and pick up some paint samples and decorating guides. You’ll be amazed at the impact a fresh lick of paint and careful use of colour can make in your boudoir.

3. Bedroom or closet?

Is your bedroom starting to resemble a large closet rather than a place of rest and relaxation? Clothes are one of the key culprits when it comes to bedroom clutter. It’s most likely you need to boost you bedroom storage, particularly for your clothes and shoes. Take a look into modular wardrobe systems that allow you to add loads of extra storage space within an existing cupboard or on bare walls. The configurations you can achieve with these DIY systems are almost endless. You can add multiple hanging rods at different heights as well as drawers and shoe racks.

4. Bedroom or office?

You may not have a chaotic clothes situation going on in your bedroom, but do you have loads of books and paperwork slowly piling up around your bed? Once again, modular storage systems, like the one mentioned above, could very well be your saviour. These systems can be used to add solid wall shelves all the way to your ceiling if you like. This can provide much-needed storage space for all of your books and personal knick-knacks. Alternatively, use two tall bookcases either side of your bed, rather than bedside tables. Secure the bookcases to the wall and in between them, mount wall shelves to make all components look like one solid, custom-built storage unit that frames your bed.

The primary function of your bedroom is as place to rest and sleep. It should draw you in and make you want to lie down and escape the harried pace of modern day life. If your bedroom doesn’t do this, clear out the clutter, follow the above slumber-inducing styling tips and most importantly, get yourself a deliciously comfortable bed.

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