Rat And Mouse Prevention Tips

Any pest in the home is a nuisance, but some are a greater threat as they can do more than just steal your food and leave a mess behind. Mice and rats are one of the biggest issues facing many homeowners; they can carry diseases and are surprisingly fast. This makes them difficult to catch.

Of course you can get a car or a good hunting dog but there is no guarantee that they will be successful. The best solution is to get your local pest control company to evaluate the problem and get rid of it for you.

They should also be able to provide you with some tips to help prevent a reoccurrence of the issue:

Clean Up

All pests are attracted to the warmth and security of your home but this is of little use to them if they don’t have a good source of food and water. You can easily deprive them of this by placing all your packets of food inside plastic containers.

It is also important to keep your work surfaces and countertops free of food debris and liquid. This will make your home an unattractive option as there is no food available. They can move onto your neighbor’s house instead!

This doesn’t just work for rats and mice; it’s a great way of keeping all pests away.

Check Your Home

The next step is to walk round the outside and the inside of your home. You’re looking for any gap or crack that a mouse or rat can sneak through. They can get through incredibly small gaps; you’ll need to pay close attention to any issue in your home.

If you find anything seal it immediately; this will prevent the mice and rats from coming and going.

Alongside this it’s important to check your yard. Any potential habitat for rats and mice, such as a wood pile; needs to be placed at least 6 feet from your home.


You can visit your local store and purchase rat and mice traps or poison to help kill off any you already have living in your home.

However you should be very carefully when using this; especially if you have children or pets. Chemicals can be just as deadly to pets as they can be to pests.

Alongside chemicals you can also put traps down in your home to even capture and kill the rodents or capture and then release them. The choice is yours although releasing them may simply allow them to come back into your home at a later date.

Eliminate Professionally

The problem with trying to resolve the issue yourself is that you’ll never be sure if you really have got to the root of the problem or not. That’s why you need to call an exterminator. They will have the skills and the tools to locate the source of any issue and deal with it.

While the measures you take can help to reduce the problem the professionals will make sure the issue is resolved and unlikely to return.

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