Preparing Your Outdoor Space For Winter

Your outdoor space should be prepared for winter just like you would prepare the inside of the home. The cooler weather creates a comfortable environment so that you can clean and make sure the lawn is in the proper condition for the warmer months ahead. Here are some tips from The Foam Factory to help you prepare your space for the coming winter.

Adequate Coverage

Cover the plants that are outside so that they don’t freeze. If you don’t plan on sitting outside as much during the winter, then bring in your outdoor furniture cushions. Give them a good wash so that they can be used next year.

Basic Cleaning

Clean your deck or patio of the leaves and any small twigs or limbs that are present. Trim your trees and bushes to help prevent limbs from falling if there is an ice or snow storm. You should also prune the bushes and larger plants. This will keep them healthy in the winter while creating a pleasing look outside the home. If there are still loose branches or twigs, you can tie them up so that they don’t break in the winter.

Above and Beyond

When you’re cleaning your outdoor space, consider pressure washing the floor, banisters and the wall of the home. This will remove dirt and debris that has been tracked along the surface in the summer. Wash any outdoor furniture that you have before stacking it in a corner or putting it in a shed until you use it again. If you plan on using your outdoor furniture, then cover it until it’s used to protect it against freezing temperatures.

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