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Posted by on Apr 22, 2017 in DIY | 0 comments

Is it Expensive to Frame a Poster?

Is it Expensive to Frame a Poster?

Don’t be deterred by the outrageous price tags for professional framing services. A framing expert has the best eye for frames that accentuate the key features of a poster. If you have a poster that isn’t worth the cost in labor to have framed, then there are many less expensive alternatives that you can do at home. Many offices have a space in the break room that constantly promotes new events, and lockable poster frames are a great way to make the posters stand out to the employees. To find the framing solution that is right for you, you must determine the intrinsic value of the poster, alternative methods of framing, and the costs associated with framing a poster.

The essential value of a poster is what someone is willing to pay for it. There are many rare posters that people spend hundreds of dollars to fit with the perfect frame. Then there are posters with no monetary value, but have a strong personal connection that makes them priceless to their owners. For example, a first run Dracula poster is very expensive, but a poster from the first concert you saw with your significant other has a high personal value. Each of these posters should be handled with the proper care to ensure their protection so you can enjoy them for many years to come. If your poster isn’t valuable then you should use a less expensive frame that is assemble at home.

If you can’t afford the high price of professional framers, then you can do it yourself with many cheaper alternatives. You can purchase cheap plastic poster frames at an office supply store for less than $10 apiece. These aren’t fancy and simply encase your poster between plastic and cardboard and has a black trim that clips on the sides of the poster. There are some higher quality alternatives with thick frames and glass that will provide better protection for your poster. For those of you that are crafty you can easily build your own frame. You will need to pick out wood trimming and decide if you are going to use a mat board to add space between the poster and the frame. Once you have determined your poster size you can cut the trim and secure the ends together using wood glue and L shaped metal plates that screw into the back to provide additional support. To finish the frame, all you need to do is attach some hinges to hold the poster in place, screw in a metal wire to hang the frame, and install a piece of plexiglass.

When you have a poster professionally framed you are paying for them to cut the frame, and glass, to the proper dimensions and assemble the pieces. For a standard 2-foot x 3-foot poster, you will spend about $85 on a frame, and nearly $50 an hour for the labor to assemble the frame. These prices are high, but a nice frame is the difference between a nice poster and a beautiful poster.

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