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Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Decor | 0 comments

Interior decor and the art of simple living

Interior decor and the art of simple living

Interior decor, like fashion itself, goes through regular trends and updates, as aesthetics, moods and cultural influences change and evolve. In fact, many designers comment that the trends on the catwalk, particularly the more enduring ones, tend to translate into interior decor trends a season or two later. But how can you keep up with this constantly evolving world of ‘high fashion’? And indeed, would you even want to?

Societal changes and the recent economic changes of previous years means that people are starting to think more carefully about what they buy, and this has been reflected in a move away from disposable fashion, to high quality items that are made to last. Funnily enough, this is exactly the approach that our grandparents would have taken, under the famous ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ maxim of that generation!

And this philosophy applies to interior decor too. Buy a cheap sofa in this season’s must-have colour, and the chance is you will tire of it next season, and find that the sofa isn’t looking too hot either. However, invest in a quality piece in a timeless style and you will enjoy a beautiful looking, highly functional piece of furniture for years to come.

The classic leather sofa


Take leather sofas, for example. If you buy a beautiful, timeless leather sofa, you will find that it looks better with age. Choose a quality build, with excellent craftsmanship, and you will find it just gets more comfortable, without losing support. The leather will naturally age and develop a highly attractive patina which new ‘fast fashion’ sofas attempt to emulate with chemicals. Treated well, that single investment could hold a special place in your home for a lifetime. The material also lends itself to a variety of styles and layouts, so you can base your living room interior around this key piece, and update it with careful accessory changes over time, simply and without expense. You’ll find plenty of inspiration at 

Simple design

This approach to quality also pairs well with an aesthetic of simplicity. A home packed with fast-fashion purchases will seem cluttered and confused. A well thought-out interior space, marked with well chosen, beautiful furniture pieces that are designed to last, will naturally have that high quality, premium finish. Look at Scandinavian design to find inspiration, or classic English period homes, which create a sense of calm, space and beauty through the careful selection of well-chosen, timeless pieces. You can find plenty of inspiration online, thanks to a range of excellent style and design blogs.

Other tips for simple interiors

As well as choosing quality pieces, look at your overall interior layout for that simple, high-quality style that provides excellent visual impact. Opt for integrated storage and keep surfaces clutter free. Avoid too many colours and contrasting patterns, unless you adore that English eccentric or bohemian look, which is highly popular in its own right! Choose clean and flowing lines, and bring light into the home with sheer window dressings and light walls and floors. An absence of clutter, and light, bright space allows the eye to travel freely, and gives a sense of airiness and room.


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