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Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Decor, Home And Housing | 0 comments

Integrating Furniture History and Style with George Nelson

Integrating Furniture History and Style with George Nelson

George Nelson is a vibrant designer and is acclaimed for his style birthed in the atomic age. Nelson is famous for shaping the design scene following World War II over the course of 40 years in the industry. Included here are a few of the most well known designs created by George Nelson, sure to offer talking pieces which add value in any home or office.

The Coconut Chair
Born with the idea of making a seat resembling a slice of coconut; Nelson intended this piece as a means to combine absolute comfort with the freedom of movement. The unique shape offers a variety of seating positions. Nelson chose to make chairs that were not designed in the shape of the human body, but rather an artistic expression that appealed to an individual’s sense of comfort.

The Marshmallow Sofa
An introduction to the integration of Pop Art in the world of furniture design; this sofa is an incredibly unique mid-Century landmark that turns heads even today. Based on an artistic frame, this sofa consists of 18 upholstered round cushions that come in a variety of colors to match any home or office palate.

The Wood Base Slat Platform Bench
Nelson was a firm believer in combining functionality with beauty. This bench was created in 1946 and is an icon for mid-century modernism. Standing as the ultimate form meets function, this bench can work as a platform base, bench or table. This piece pays homage to Nelson’s love of clean lines, and a reflection of his passion for “honest” design and the roots of his architectural background.

The Ball Clock
In his designing years, Nelson was renowned for designing over 150 iconic clocks in which he utilized bold color with whimsical shapes. The Ball Clock was the first of many designs, playing on the original look of a clock but exercising style outside the lines. This clock features two hands centrally with pinnacles stretching out to round balls circling the center. The balls come in a variety of finishes; including bold colors and natural wood.

The Eye Clock
Initially conceived in 1957, in the “Twilight Zone” era, the eye clock was an eerie geometric play on the human eye. The eyelids are composed of brushed brass with a walnut horizon line and round maple pupil. Marking the hours are the eyelashes along the lids, and this is sure to be an “eye-catching” piece in your home or office.

The Sunburst Clock
Easily recognizable as a George Nelson piece, the Sunburst clock is widely known as his most popular clock design. Combining bold color with geometric shape, this clock has all the earmarks of a George Nelson design. With a central metal round, this clock has tall, slender triangles of color reaching out. Remaining a classic throughout the years, this clock is still a staple in mid-century modernism today.

George Nelson was a visionary for mid-century modernism. His impact remains tangible in interior design; an original orchestrator of color and shape. The passion, ambition and dedication exhibited by Nelson allowed his designs to flourish to this day. These pieces have remained iconic throughout history and can bring life, color and history to any living space.

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