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Posted by on Aug 30, 2017 in Security | 0 comments

How to Prevent Your Home from Becoming an Attractive Target for a Burglar

How to Prevent Your Home from Becoming an Attractive Target for a Burglar

You’ve worked hard and as a result of your efforts, you now have many valuable items including a beautiful home, luxury cars and several expensive electronic devices inside your home. Unfortunately, burglars prey on this type environment and regard it as the crème de la crème of finds. In order to protect these things and your family from harm, it’s important to deter a would-be burglar. Luckily there are several ways to achieve this.

Installing a home monitoring system

Today with advancements in technology, home monitoring systems produce high-quality video feed in HD. This allows you to get a clear view of all the happenings inside and outside of your home. Companies such as ADT Security have a wide range of home security systems installed by local professionals which let you check on all sorts of things. With wireless technology, you can program the system to alert you of a warmer temperature and the presence of moisture right from your smartphone. This helps to give you quick notice in the event of a fire or a water leak, reducing the possibility of serious damage to your home. Many can also distinguish between your dog and an actual intruder. They also come with carbon dioxide sensors that warn you of dangerous changes in your home’s air quality and cameras located on the front door and remote door locks that enable you to have a housekeeper come to do their weekly cleaning without the need for you there.

Getting a dog

Dogs are man’s best friend for many reasons including loving and loyal to their owners. If someone tries to break into your home you can be certain that Fido will sound the alarm. Once a burglar hears a dog, it doesn’t matter the size, he will most likely cross your property off the list of possible places to rob.

Updating windows and doors

If your home is a bit older, installing double pane windows and newer doors with a deadbolt can help to deter a burglar. A criminal who cases a home has a timeline that he wants to meet in order to get in and out undetected. By adding thick windows with locks and newer, heavier entrance doors with a deadbolt on the other side, getting inside will become more difficult.

Well lit property

A burglar is on a mission to get inside your home, collect the goods and leave quickly without the possibility of identifying his presence. Keeping your property well-lit and removing bushes, branches, and overgrown foliage from around your home will help to make achieving that task nearly impossible. If you go away on a trip, install timers that go off a few times during the night to make it look as though someone is turning the lights on and off. A burglar doesn’t select your home by accident. This is a business for them, so chances are good they select their homes carefully and ahead of time. In order to reduce the chances of becoming a target, you must give the appearance that you are home. If you work a long-distance away from your home or travel frequently, ask a neighbor to come by and check the mail, remove the newspaper and check inside.

Keeping street level curtains closed

When you can view your home’s possessions simply by looking into a window from across the street, you set yourself up for harm. Instead, place shears and thick curtains over them so that even when you want to let a little sunshine inside you’re not giving away a view of the contents behind the walls.

Social media

Social media offers a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends without the need for picking up the telephone. However, social media also makes it easy for a burglar to take notice of who’s going away in the near future. It adds a completely new twist for homeowners. Instead of telling the world where you are going and how long you’ll go away for, wait until you return home and then disclose the time you left and all the fun you had while away.

There are many ways to prevent a break-in from occurring. Add an alarm system, get a dog, update windows and doors, add deadbolts and keep your home well-lit. While nothing is 100 percent burglarproof, adopting a few changes to your home will help to reduce the possibility.

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