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Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Home interiors | 0 comments

How to Keep Your Home Free From Muck and Mess

How to Keep Your Home Free From Muck and Mess

We all love a clean home.

After all, home is where the heart is – but a mucky and messy dwelling is enough to cause a coronary among friends and family members harbouring obsessive compulsive cleaning disorders.

Consequently, to avoid inflicting unnecessary distress on loved ones, and to keep your own sanity intact, it’s important to ensure your home is kept spick and span.

Although the frenetic pace of modern life does little to help our daily or weekly cleaning routine, there are a few quick and easy tips you can employ to give you the upper hand against grime.

Want to find out more? Read on …

Purchase an Effective Doormat

It may sound obvious, but to avoid scrubbing muddy prints from floors after kids or pets bolt through the entrance, invest in a Dirt-Trapper doormat designed to stop and snare dirt before it makes its way to your carpet or laminate. As an added bonus, these types of mats come with an anti-slip backing to make sure your family don’t break their neck as they whizz through the door.

Implement a Cleaning System

It’s unlikely you’ll have hours to dedicate to cleaning your home, which means you should have a game plan in place to get it done as quickly as possible. According to the experts, you should start in rooms to the left of the front entrance and work clockwise. Why? Who knows, but once you perfect the system, your cleaning routine will, apparently, become a breeze.

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

Quite simply, you won’t get very far using only hot water and an old rag – which is why you should stock up on cleaning supplies before you get started. Whether it’s bleach, polish, dusters, kitchen roll or a new mop, it’s important to have everything close to hand lest you collapse in a heap of dirty dishes and despair.

Banish Your Clutter

Have you ever tried to clean around clutter? It’s a nightmare, and a scenario best avoided when trying to clean your home quickly and effectively. As a result, make sure your family don’t leave their toys or games lying around, and remove unwanted items by binning them or, better yet, donating them to charity.

Stay On Track

Although cleaning your home can be as interesting as watching paint dry, it’s vital to stay on track until the job is done. Stick some of your favourite music on the stereo and get cracking. Once it’s finished you can sit back, relax and wait for your kids and pets to breeze through the door to mess it all up again …

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