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Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Bedroom | 0 comments

How to Ensure Your Bedroom Flows with the Rest of Your House

How to Ensure Your Bedroom Flows with the Rest of Your House

For some people, a bedroom can feel like a separate space altogether, somewhere that’s cut off from the house and is its own little sanctuary if you will. For others, the bedroom is an extension of the rest of the house, which means there should be a natural flow.

If you’re the type that sees your bedroom as being connected to the rest of the space design wise, then it can be rather tricky to find ways to keep up that flow with the rest of the house. How can you make the bedroom comfortable and to your own personal taste, while staying true to the rest of the house? Not to worry as we’ve got some tips that will help ensure your bedroom flows well with the rest of your house.

Carry the Color Palette into Your Bedroom

One of the easiest, quickest, and most budget-friendly ways to carry that flow into the bedroom is to stick with the same color palette. What this doesn’t mean is that you need to use all the same colors. This is your chance to personalize the space and let it speak to you, while staying true to the rest of your house.

A good example is if your house features cool tones of gray, cool greens, and blues. You can then choose a cool tone to go in your bedroom to keep up that flow. You can even choose a lighter or deeper shade of a color you already have in the common spaces of your house.

Pick a Statement Accent Color

Most people enjoy using accent colors in their home, so a good tip is to pick one accent color that will act as your statement color. You can then use this color throughout the house, making sure to include a pop of it in each room. It’s a fun and unique way to ensure the flow continues. In the bedroom, this accent color can show up in curtains, a throw, cushions, in wall art, or even in luxurious comforter sets.

Don’t Use Different Shades of Wood

If you find yourself attracted to wooden furniture, wood floors, and cabinets, then there’s a good chance you’ll want to include these touches of wood throughout the entire space. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this from a design standpoint, it’s important to stick to one color of wood. This will help the space to flow and feel coherent.

Continue the Same Flooring Throughout

Have you ever noticed how much a room is cut off from the other spaces of the house as soon as the flooring changes? If your house has tile, laminate, wood floors, and carpet all rolled into one, each room tends to feel like its own compartmentalized space.

Designers always recommend picking one flooring option and carrying it throughout the entire home, including your bedroom. You can always use throw rugs to warm up a space or create interest in that room.

A Bedroom that Makes Sense with the House

Designing a bedroom that is both comfortable and flows with the rest of the house can be a bit tricky, but with the right tips and direction, you’ll be able to create the perfect space.

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