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Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Decor | 0 comments

Home Decor Ideas For Your Kids’ Rooms

Home Decor Ideas For Your Kids’ Rooms

children-room-decor-ideas-12If you have already bought property in navi Mumbai for your family, then you must be wondering about how to decorate the children’s rooms. That is a tricky business as it must be something that your children love and would be comfortable living in. They will be really excited to get their own room.

Points to remember

The first thing to do is to as your child about how they see their room, and what are the things that they want? Once you know what your child wants, you will have to visualise the idea and put it down on paper. A lot of the conceptualising will also depend on the kind of budget that you will have dedicated to the room. Also, one very important thing to keep in mind is that your children’s tastes will change over the years, as they keep growing. So it is better not to make any hugely expensive and structural changes which will have to be pulled down when your child’s a teenager.

A few ways to decorate kids’ rooms

Use colourful and vibrant curtains for the room. Make sure that whatever colour you choose matches with the symbols and motifs of the entire room. You can use some brightly coloured window treatment to give the room a clean look. Use a valance to lower the amount of  light during the day.

If you are decorating the room for a child, then s/he is bound to have toys which are colourful and cheery. You can use these toys as items of decor. They will be in funky shapes and sizes. If space is a bit of a crunch, then you can use hooks and shelves. The hooks can be used to hang up the bigger toys and the shelves for the smaller ones.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to liven up a kid’s room is by using paints. For the wall, you can choose a bright colour and also match up some prints. You can use the same for some of the furniture in the room, like the cabinets for example. Murals look good too. For wall ideas, take inspiration from your kid’s favourites. What do they like? Animals? Robots? Cars? Flowers? You can use these as prints.

After the walls, don’t forget the ceiling. One of the most popular ideas is to decorate it with glow in the dark stars. Kids love to look up at the ceiling and feel like they are staring at the open sky. You can also do it up in a space and aliens combo.

Don’t just fill up the room with decorative items. Put in some colourful learning aids that also double up as toys. That way, the kids can have fun and learn new things at the same time. These could be charts, shapes, books, etc.

You can use photographs as decorative items. Take photos of their happy memories, friends, or even shots of their favourite characters and frame them in funky patterned frames.

The floor is an important part of any child’s room. They will sit, fall, crawl and play on the floor. Use a broadloom carpet to make sure that the floor is safe and comfortable for them. The broadloom will protect their body. You can also sue colourful rubber mats if carpets are not an option.

Use a lampshade to ensure that they have enough light to read and play by at night. It can also serve as a night light. Get one in colourful patterns or do the designs yourself.

About the author

Jenna Lewis is an architect specialising in green architecture for the past ten years. She has also helped to design properties in navi Mumbai. Jenna loves volunteering whenever she has time off. 

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