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Posted by on Jan 13, 2015 in Decor | 0 comments

Decorate the bare walls of your home – Best online stores to buy some great pieces of art

Decorate the bare walls of your home – Best online stores to buy some great pieces of art

One of the most thrilling things that the internet has given to the human beings is access to a huge range of affordable art. The traditional art world might have spent centuries trying to convince us that there’s a direct correlation between price and taste. Previously, the art lovers had to run to the stores in order to choose their favorite works of art and most often they were met with disappointment as they didn’t get what they wanted. But the internet has indeed shaken things up. The online stores now have a plethora of options when it comes to art and it has been proved that there is a better collection of art than what the stores have. And the best thing about getting such things online is that you get it at an affordable cost, in fact at a price that you simply can’t imagine. In other words, you don’t have to be a Medici or a Microsoft co-founder in order to own a masterpiece. Let’s have a look at the different online sites that can offer you with the best pieces of art.

  1. 20* This was the site that virtually invented the online model of selling limited-edition and budget-friendly works by emerging artists to some of the novice collectors. As there are an increasingly large number of people who have a different taste of art, the necessity of such online stores became all the more important. If you look for a new photograph or a new work on paper twice a week, you will get them at prices as low as $20.
  2. The main idea here is to cut the middleman and sell some of the classic works from the top-most artists, both established like Eric Fischl, Sally Mann and Chuck Close and the little-known artists as well. is the best art site around and the prices of the superb pieces of work start off at $100. If you have been saving money for getting your favorite works of art, this is perhaps the best store for you.
  3. This is a site that sells everything from Old Master engravings to antique maps and vintage advertising posters. If you’re a lover of the old and the vintage, you can certainly try shopping for your home from this site. Although the pages of this site are a bit tough to navigate but the reward is over 3000 pieces of art, mostly under $1000. However, most of them are printed wallpapers.
  4. By offering digital art, photographs and prints in larger than average editions of 500, this gallery is known for keeping the prices indeed lower than the others. Prices are $30 for an eight-by-ten-inch print, $60 for one that 11 by 4 inches and $120 for one that’s 16 by 20 inches, irrespective of the work that is associated with the wall art. The site is relatively new and hence it is still growing.
  5. For this site, you have to be the member to purchase the ready-to-hang, stretched canvas prints by the top-most contemporary artists and the prices start from $100 and extend up to $600. The mostly digital prints are usually sold in limited-time open editions, which mean that whatever is purchased during the online sale period will determine the number in the edition.

So, if you’re a lover and praiser of art and you’re looking for some of the best works of art online, you may try out the above mentioned sites. Pixer is yet another online store that offers some of the most incredible wall decors for your home. 

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