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Posted by on Jun 21, 2015 in Bathroom | 0 comments

Best Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Best Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small bathrooms present a special challenge to homeowners. With little space to work with, Modern Bathroom renovations can feel limited and unsatisfying. However, small spaces can open up with the right selection of bathroom fixtures. Follow these tips to turn your small bathroom into the space you’ve always wanted.

Corner Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities take up a huge portion of the usable space in any bathroom, but triangular-shaped bathroom vanities take up only half the space hugging the corner of the room. These specialty vanities provide all the usual features, including cabinet space and functional countertop space, without hogging the floor space. Corner bathroom vanities can improve traffic flow in small bathrooms and enable two people to stand in the bathroom at once if necessary.

Compact Bathroom Vanity

If a corner bathroom vanity isn’t right for you, then choosing a more compact bathroom vanity can still free up space while still offering all the great features of a normal bathroom vanity. Compact vanities are generally only as wide and deep as the sink, while still providing cabinet space underneath.

Pedestal Sink

Cute and funky pedestal sinks have a vintage quality that goes well in bathrooms with a 1950’s or 1940’s theme. If you’re thinking about installing a pedestal sink as a part of your bathroom remodel, embrace this “oldie but goodie” quality. Pair the pedestal sink with black and white ceramic tiles, or consider going “1950’s pink” on the walls. Ask yourself what Lucy Ricardo would do, and go with it.

Japanese Soaking Tub

Shaped more like a giant bucket than a standard-issue bathtub, Japanese soaking tubs feature clean modern lines and an exotic Asian aesthetic. Best of all, these free-standing bathtubs are much smaller than standard tubs and can fit in very small bathrooms, so you don’t have to give up having a bathtub just so you can create a feeling of spaciousness in your small bathroom.

Creative Paint Choices

Dark paints contrast nicely with light colored bathroom fixtures, making the walls look like they’re set back farther than they really are. It probably sounds like a contradiction, but dark paints can make small bathrooms look bigger, while lighter colored paints can make the walls seem bright and oppressive.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets come with the toilet tank nested in the walls between the studs. Residential wall-mounted toilets have a tidy, compact appearance that can give your tiny bathroom an organized, no-nonsense quality.

Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains shrink small bathrooms by adding a visual barrier that obscures the true dimensions of the room. You can avoid this problem by removing your shower curtain and installing glass shower doors instead. To enhance that feeling of spaciousness, make the shower doors a frameless model. This will eliminate all unnecessary lines that might clutter your field of vision and detract from the open airiness of the room.

Create a Focal Point

This is a common trick used by interior designers faced with the challenge of renovation a small space. Create a focal point in the room that attracts attention away from the room’s size. Your focal point could be anything at all: a beautiful flower arrangement, a simple light hanging over the entrance, a pair of pictures straddling the mirror. Whatever the focal point is, it needs to be visually striking, so anyone inside your bathroom will be tempted to stare at it and study it.

Make Smart Use of Lighting

By creating deep shadows and areas of harsh, bright light, utilizing a single light source in a small bathroom can make the space feel even more confined. Remove your old light fixture and install several small light fixtures around the mirror, over the shower and over the toilet. Use warm, low-watt light bulbs rather than one large bright light bulb. This will help eliminate shadows and emphasize the coziness without making the room seem cramped.

As a homeowner, you needn’t feel trapped by your tiny bathroom. With these clever innovations, you too can take advantage of your tiny bathroom’s true potential.

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