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Backyard Patio Designs Tips

Backyard Patio Designs Tips

Backyard Patio Design Tips

Finishing the construction of a brand new patio definitely feels like a cause for raucous celebration and endless merriment. Gazing upon the freshly laid foundation and immaculate tile can feel great for the moment, but the job is not truly complete without a hearty round of aesthetic fine-tuning. Listed below are several easy to implement tweaks and adjustments that add a noticeable layer of depth to any patio layout from Wicker Paradise.


Colors play a huge role in setting the mood of the average patio. Clashing colors can confuse guests on a subconscious level, preventing them from fully enjoying the architecture and other amenities of the patio. Matching the colors of a patio’s fabrics and paint offers a sense of harmony and togetherness to visiting guests.


The whole point of a patio is to offer an extra space for socialization and interaction. Haphazardly throwing chairs and tables into the mix with no regard for symmetry or aesthetics can lead to a patio looking cluttered, even if the masonry has just recently been finished. Separating the stools and wicker chairs from the giant table and comfier cushioned items is a quick way to offer definition between the bar and dining areas while creating the illusion of extra space.


Once the furniture has been grouped and the color schemes have been arranged, it is time to implement finishing touches such as water fountains and fire pits.

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