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A Helpful Guide to Buying an Air Conditioner to Keep Your Room Cooler than Ever

A Helpful Guide to Buying an Air Conditioner to Keep Your Room Cooler than Ever

Whenever the weather starts to heat up, thoughts of cooling out also starts to pop in your mind. Air conditioners in the room can be an efficient and more affordable option for cooling your rooms if air conditioning at the center is out of the options.

There are about 6.5 million units being sold every year. According to the research of Energy Star, for an average home, it usually spends 13% of its utility bill annually on cooling. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the right AC to use in your home. And if you are looking for the best air conditioning company for your AC units, try to check the Air Conditioning Perth. This is the best air conditioning company in Western Australia. Here are the things you need to consider in buying your own air conditioner.

  1. Noise

AC units that are excellent during the noise tests are quiet. The sound of the fan running is the only thing that you would hear. Air conditioners that are only fair for the noise tests can bother those who are asleep when it is set on low cool and could bother all when set at high cool.

  1. Window Location

AC’s in windows are generally better in blowing air in a single direction. This could be a problem if you don’t have windows in the center of your wall. You need to direct the air to the center in order to cool the room uniformly. Therefore, there’s a need for you to check if your air conditioner blows air to the left or right. There are also other air conditioners that have fans that swivel.

  1. Correctly Installed

You need to make sure that you install your air conditioner iproperly in order to benefit the most from it. Most of the AC units are for windows which are double-hung. You may consider a through-the-wall air conditioner if your windows are casement windows. Also make sure the level of your window unit for it to drain correctly. You should also keep any devices which are heat-generated like a lamp or TV away from your AC unit.

  1. Filter Location

Make sure that you can access the filter easily when cleaning. This is a thing that you will be frequently doing to keep the AC unit in good condition.

  1. Intelligent Cooling

There are other air conditioners which allow you to adjust and control using your Smartphone. You can even interconnect your other cooling units to these units.

  1. Warranty

Some AC units have warranties which are longer than others. When you buy a new one, always check their manufacturer’s website for necessary information and ask about their warranty for that certain brand and model.

  1. Size of the AC unit

You need to determine the size of the unit for your space while considering its features and price. Window AC units contain cooling capacities from 5000- 12,500 Btu (British Thermal Units).

As a rule, an AC should have 20 Btu per square foot of your living space. In measuring your room, you need to multiply its length by its width. Buying by Btu alone, however, is not enough. According to Energy Star, you should also consider other things before buying an AC unit like the place where the AC will be installed, the ceiling height of your home, the doorways, and window sizes.

You need to reduce the capacity of your AC by 10% if your room is shaded heavily. An increase of the capacity by 10% is needed if it is too sunny. If there are two or more people who will occupy the room, you need to have an additional 600 Btu for each person. There’s also an increase in the capacity by 4,000 Btu if the AC unit will be used in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

These are not the only things that you need to consider before buying an air conditioner. You should also take note on what model of the AC unit is right for your place and if it is affordable to buy. Nowadays, you need to make sure that what you buy meets your needs. This is what efficient buying is all about.

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