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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Home interiors | 0 comments

A Good Working Environment Pays Dividends

A Good Working Environment Pays Dividends

Businesses cannot afford to slip up; they have a responsibility to their employees and if they fail in that it can lead to lost time and obviously lost profit. In winter time they need to provide a working environment that is regarded as reasonable without there being any defined minimum temperature in the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) recommendations. There is a good deal of legislation relating to employees and their rights. It makes sense anyway to hold on to a well trained workforce and consequently ensure that the working environment is up to standard. That includes many things including comfort.



The workplace is regulated with a recommendation that the temperature does not fall below 13C if the work is physical and 16C if it is not. Different activities will inevitably mean the environment is at a different temperature. A bakery is certain to be different to a cold store for example. There are many aspects to maintaining temperature but the most important is the boiler and heating system.

What is required is that the environment is reasonable and the owners maintain their systems to provide a place where employees can be reasonably comfortable. In order to do that they should ensure they have a service company that has the expertise to maintain and service those systems. It is simple enough to get someone good enough to do the job but also fairly local in case a quick response is required.

Commercial Expertise

Some companies are small and really only interested and capable in handling domestic systems. There are others that have a staff of well trained engineers, ones such as that will look after domestic and commercial jobs with equal ease. It surely makes sense for a business to have a regular relationship with an engineering company that can regularly inspect their heating and boiler so that the chances of breakdown are minimised. It is ideal if an engineer is familiar with the system if responding to a problem.

False economy

In recent years it has perhaps been a temptation to look at saving money if business has been slow. That can be by cutting back on what should ideally be regular repair and maintenance. It can certainly be false economy as some companies regularly find to their cost. The economy seems to be moving forward once again and prospects are better. It may be a good idea for those who have perhaps cut back recently to think about whether they have been lucky so far. There are good service companies just waiting for the telephone to ring.

Systems that have not received regular attention can certainly deteriorate. Energy costs are high and an efficient system will hopefully reduce the utility bill and also avoid any unnecessary downtime caused by system failure.

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