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Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Home interiors | 0 comments

5 reasons wet rooms are the most versatile bathroom adaptation

5 reasons wet rooms are the most versatile bathroom adaptation

A wet room is a fully waterproofed or ‘tanked’ room that usually has a walk in shower and may have other bathroom fixtures and fittings as well. Age UK lists the wet room as a potential solution for older people who might find it difficult to use a standard bathroom.


They can be ideal for people with accessibility issues but also for anyone who enjoys the ease of use and maintenance of a good quality wet room.


Here are 5 reasons why wet rooms are the most versatile bathroom adaptations:


  1. A wet room provides ease of access


Wet rooms can be fitted with floor level access for unobstructed movement in and out of the room. The walk in shower is then accessible without having to worry about getting through a shower door or over the lip of a shower tray. This can also make them ideal for wheelchair users.


The shower, general floor space and entry to a disabled wet room are generally on the same level but there will be a slight slope towards the drain, ensuring water does not build up and wash through the entryway.


  1. They can be fitted to match the space available


Wet rooms can be fitted in a range of standard sizes or customised to match the space you have available. You don’t have to worry about fitting a traditional shower cubicle into the room, which can often be tricky, especially if they have swing doors. A walk in shower can usually be sited in different places within the room.


  1. They can be fitted with optional safety features


As well as accessibility, a wet room can be fitted with various different safety features. These can include slip resistant tiling, which can be very important as water is not always confined to the shower tray as in a conventional shower cubicle. Other safety features can include grab bars, shower seats, safety glass in case of falls or collisions and thermostatically controlled mixer showers that ensure a safe and comfortable water temperature.


  1. They’re available in different styles and colours


Wet rooms are available in a range of different styles, finishes and colours. You might want to match the flooring and walls seamlessly or you might prefer to go for complimentary colours and finishes. Wet rooms can give a very stylish, clean and uncluttered look and are often fine with just the shower but you might also want fixtures such as a bath tub, sink and toilet within the same room. As with any bathroom you can customise with accessories such as mirrors, rails and shelving and you might also want furniture such as wall or free-standing bathroom cabinets


  1. They’re easier to maintain


Wet rooms are generally easier to keep clean than traditional bathrooms with conventional shower units. Stains, debris and even mould can easily accumulate in the corners and hard to reach areas of a shower cubicle and there are more surfaces to clean.


As a wet room is by its nature waterproof, it is relatively easy to sluice down. Walls are generally made of easily cleanable materials and any glazing may come with a protective coating that is also easy to wipe down.

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