5 Decorating Secrets That Will Transform Your First Apartment

Decorating your first apartment is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. If you’ve just moved out on your own, it can be a rush getting to decide everything. Apartment living comes with its ups and downs, but when you have free reign to decorate, you can overcome the challenges and turn your space into a home you love. With these 5 decorating secrets, you’re going to love apartment living.

#1 Making Space

One of the biggest challenges to apartment living, especially in older homes, rowhouses, or apartment buildings, is taking a small space and making it look roomy. Light is your best friend when you’re trying to make a cramped space feel bigger. Use fabric and curtains in soft hues and place mirrors so that they bounce diffuse light around your new home.

#2 Windows and Natural Light

Sometimes natural light is hard to come by in apartments, depending on which direction your windows face and whether or not there are any high rises putting you in the shadows. Window treatments often wind up blocking natural light, especially if they’re thick or heavy. If your apartment is in desperate need of natural light, replace your old curtains with sheer fabrics and light colours.

#3 No Drilling Solutions

A lot of rentals come with rules in your lease. Break them and you could wind up having pay for damages when you leave. One of the most common is no drilling clauses, which can make it hard to put up art and even curtain rods. Most of the time you can get away with installing curtain rods, but there are a few tricks you can use if your landlord is a control freak. Tension rods are a common solution if you have paned windows, but failing that, command hooks are a great way to get a real curtain rod up.

#4 Furniture that Fits

When you’re living alone, you don’t need furniture that can seat a family of five. Petite tables with slender wood chairs are ideal solutions for tight kitchen spaces or when you need to make a nook in your bedroom or living room where you can sit down to work. Smaller pieces of furniture free up floor space and they look cute and European.

#5 Go Rustic

While some apartment dwellers struggle with neutral tones and mid-century modern furniture to make old apartments seem fresh and new, others embrace old world comforts. If your apartment comes with original mouldings and hardwood floors that look like they’ve been around for decades, you might want to embrace the European feel. A rustic wood kitchen table and chairs will inspire kitchen comforts and works well with exposed brick or pipes. Rustic is a great look for clutterers and collectors.

Apartment living can be a dream with the right decorating tips. You can save money and live close to all the action without having to give up a beautiful living space.

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